Wednesday 11 July 2012

WIP. Blender add-on - copy/paste UV islands. Stacking of symmetrical geometry.

There is nice piece of software called 3D-Coat. Studying tutorials I found nice feature it used - namely copy/paste of UV islands. I found lack of this feature in Blender. Following link you can find more details about this, here I quote only essentials.
Stacking of symmetrical geometry - often times geometry that is exactly the same we will want to use the same image/texture data to save memory however, aligning the uv islands so they exactly overlap can be tedious. This would allow automatic alignment of UV islands for mirrored/symmetrical geometry.
I think it can be realized by add-on, and here I will post my WIP on this project.
P.S. for Russian speaking friends I also placed post here.


  1. Not sure if this still lives, but even a way of quickly overlapping multiple UV islands so that vertices snap to their nearest underlying vertex, could be good. I'm working on a model with lots of leaves at the moment. I can snap their UVS over each other but often have to adjust individual UV verts then to make them align properly.

  2. Hi, Stephen. The main idea is to automate the process of vertices snapping. My add-on (You can check it in details here - UV_islands_copy_paste) works in some conditions really good and fast. But to my pity I have no time to make it works for cases with splitted vertices and push it to official add-on repo.